Transform your operations to improve margins, efficiency and competitiveness.

Tired of reducing your margins to win new business? Looking for a way to differentiate your services and improve the efficiency of your operations? The Building Wellness Institute can help transform your operations to profitably address the environmental and health concerns of commercial property owners and managers, government facilities, schools, colleges and universities.

We can help you:

  • Build a new strategy for differentiating your cleaning services to address environmental and health concerns.

  • Train managers and supervisors to deliver high-performance green cleaning in compliance with the nation's highest standards.

  • Improve operational efficiency through implementation of best practices, policies and procedures.

  • Achieve Green Seal GS-42 Certification or CIMS-GB Certification.

  • Win contracts with LEED Certified properties through green cleaning compliance, documentation and reporting programs.

  • Win new business by helping property owners and managers demonstrate their commitment to protecting health and the environment.

To learn more, call 301-728-3908 or email us.

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