We’re helping organizations of all sizes create a healthier environment–inside and out.

Since 2005, the Building Wellness Institute has been helping building owners, facilities managers and service providers adopt new and more efficient approaches to cleaning that protect the environment and the health of building occupants.

The Problem: Despite the growing popularity of “being green,” few people realize that a significant public health issue exists in the way that we clean and maintain our nation’s schools, office buildings, colleges and universities. Cleaning chemicals, processes and equipment can cause poor indoor air quality and contribute to a wide range or respiratory and health problems.

The Proof: A landmark study by Dr. Leonard Krilov in association with Cornell Medical College found that use of high-performance green cleaning processes in a child day care facility resulted in 24 percent fewer illnesses and 34 percent fewer doctors visits. For a copy of this and other relevant studies, visit our research section.

The Solution: The Building Wellness Institute has helped dozens of organizations protect health and the environment through a comprehensive range of training, consulting and support services. To learn how we can help your organization, click on one of the links below:

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